Rules when telling about yourself.

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Rules when telling about yourself. Empty Rules when telling about yourself.

Post by Neko on Fri Jun 06, 2008 12:57 pm

These rules are inportant when you tell about yourself at the first time.
and remember them later also.

1. dont fake info about yourself, most of us can realize if you do.
anyway its better to tell the truth, it helps most yourself, if you really want to learn something.

2. dont tell anything which you think its something that we should not know.

3. telling your name is in your own risk.

4. better to tell your intrests also, and what you can do, so others can ask help from you from those things you are good at. ^_^ also what you would want to learn, it helps people decide what to write here in the firts place Smile

5. remember to follow the main rules always!

thats all the rules for now =)

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