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Rules on magic. Empty Rules on magic.

Post by Neko on Thu Jun 05, 2008 7:07 pm

These are important to read, if you post a spell on magic.

General magick board:

everything about magick is allowed, but dont post useless threads.

Spells board:

when posting a spell it must have these parts:

first of all check if there is the spell already in the forum, then check if there is already a thread for the same type spell (example: if you are putting a love spell and see there is already one, post it in the same topic!)

-what should be done before doing the spell
-what should be noticed durning the spell
-what are the possible side effects
-how big is the backfire
-the warnings and consequences
-what is needed
-how to do the spell
-for what kind of people is the spell for (example: is it for begginers or advanced magicans.)
-the genre where the spell belongs. (black, white....etc.)

name the thread as the type what the spell does example "love spell" or "protection spell" etc.
then first explain the spell what it does, with details.
then tell what is needed
then tell what should be done first, before doing the spell. (example. protection, circle...)
then tell how to do the spell
and for the last, what are the side effects, what is the backfire, warnings and the consequences.

keep the spells clean!
the spells should not involve any forbidden stuff, such as narcotics, alcohol, violence etc.

if you are not sure if you can put the spell here, ask me for that.
and the spell must be tested that it really works!

please post little questions on the question thread there.
and request spells in the requesting thread.

so they will be easier to read when there are many spells =)

Ways of magick board

you can post to the ways of magick board thing like reguests(for sub boards about some certain style) or ask people theit opinions on different styles.

then there are these sub forums about certain magick styles, for each board we have 1-2 people (they will be the mods on there) who know about the subject, so they can teach it.
if you wish to teach some subject PM me, and tell about your exprience on the subject. but if you wish some certain subjecto to be tought put a reguest in the ways of magick board, and well have to find a teacher.

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