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Post by Neko on Fri Jun 06, 2008 1:06 pm

these are inportant when you write a meditation on there, or ask about it.
when writing your meditation.

-know what are the effects on your meditation
(the main meditations relax and clean your mind.)
-write your meditation on the thread where are those meditations which have the same effects (remember not to write the exactly same meditation.)

when putting it there remember:
-write all parts, begin from the place where its best to do it.
-what should be done before and after or in the background (example: music..)
-what should not be done before, after and in the background
-all the steps, even every meditation starts with relaxing, you must still write it!

if there is no thread for those meditations which have the effect what your meditation has, start your own threads.


if you have something else to talk about meditations, be free to start a topic there Smile
thats all for now.

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