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Advertising CF [important] Empty Advertising CF [important]

Post by Neko on Mon Jun 16, 2008 12:17 am

((CF means Crystal Forest))

this is very inportant for all members!

you are free to ask your friends to come here, all of you.
do not advertise this forum in a public place (an other forum etc.)
because we dont want to get fakes or bullies here etc.

so everytime you wish to ask someone to join, ask the person personally.
and remember, if you have someone who you dont trust or you know the person is faking things etc. dont ask him/her to join here.

we trust in eachother here, and I wish you all will invite people you trust.


and if we somehow get someone who's faking things, lets do out best to make that person change! its better for everyone Smile


so all members should follow this:
-be yourself and follow your heart, the truth is gold, and friends are true.
so then friends are gold too Wink

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